Endorectal Balloon

The Edge ERB™ is a unique saddle shaped balloon designed to cradle the prostate and provide superior, repeatable immobilization. The thoughtful collection of design features promotes enhanced ease of use and accuracy during both therapy and treatment planning, giving you and your patients the EDGE in treating their prostate cancer.

The EDGE for Treatment planning

  • Balloon peaks designed to prevent inferior/superior prostate migration
  • Cradle design encourages predictable prostate location and limited gland distortion
  • Radiopaque markers at the distal and proximal ends of the balloon provide consistent verification points for repeatable prostate positioning
  • Offers range of fill volumes to suit various anatomical needs

The EDGE for Therapy Delivery

  • Symmetrical balloon requires no specific rotational placement orientation
  • Gas release catheter equipped with on/off valve offers a controlled release of gas and fluids
  • Sure-Stop™ locking clamp provides inter-fractional positional repeat-ability and intra-fractional depth control