The E-APP™ is a first of its kind, disposable brachytherapy applicator designed specifically for the treatment of upper GI cancers. Five independently operable balloons are designed to maintain the central position of the source catheter in both straight and curved anatomy allowing for closer proximity of the target to the source while maintaining distance for healthy tissue.

Unique Device Properties
Central source catheter surrounded by 5 equally spaced, 2cm (inflated) balloons create, ABS consensus recommended, mid-dwell distance of 1cm to target
12 optimally spaced X-Ray, CT, and MRI compatible markers
.5cm catheter diameter for ease of placement
Greater than10cm effective treatment zone allows treatment of entire tumor

Radio-opaque contrast markers visible under X-ray, CT and MRI ensure consistent device placement

Multi-balloon configuration is designed to ensure precise, consistent source catheter positioning » Twelve radio-opaque markers and exterior catheter markings ensure consistent placement relative to target » Consistent fill volumes ensure desired tissue spacing

Compliant balloons designed to ensure optimal catheter location and conformity » Device construction and materials designed to take full advantage of MRI guided brachytherapy » Central catheter surrounded by balloons ensures accurate dose distribution to intended target